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Nobis is an expression of advanced technology that cares about people's well-being.

It is the new generation stove with excellent performance, high standards of reliability and extraordinary comfort.

It is quiet, it is autonomous, it is safe, it is environmentally friendly, and it is certified to the highest standards required by national and international bodies.

It automatically manages the cleaning cycle, minimizes manual maintenance, has durable components, and saves pellet and electricity consumption.


A company of people not numbers.
The meaning of Nobis "with us" immediately expresses our philosophy.

WE, a word that includes the people who work in the company, our customers,
our service centers and our suppliers.

Success must be achieved together, with a passion for our work
that leads us to face new challenges and new goals every day.

Nobis' goals are ambitious, and an experienced team makes every challenge possible and every goal attainable. With Us is the customer who is the center of our interest, of all our activities, decisions and company policies. The customer is the first reference for our future development: every problem, technical or logistical, is an opportunity for business and professional growth. The customer is the partner with whom we face the future, to offer every day the products with the most advanced technology in the industry, and to overcome the new challenges that the global market nowadays imposes on us.