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R+ lab is our R&D department, made up of several people with at least 20 years of experience in the biomass combustion industry.

The Nobis combustion system

The system keeps the flame balanced, maintaining optimal combustion over time, without the need for any adjustment.

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Nobis' "brushless" technology

The brushless loading system, in addition to reducing power consumption, guarantees silence, safety and loading precision with all types and sizes of pellets.

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Products born to last

The stove body is made of certified high thickness materials. The welding is completely robotized, in order to guarantee a constant quality over time.

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Safety Standards

A mechanical pressure sensor monitors the draught of the chimney and determines its correct operation.

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Shielded loading

The new loading system makes the pellet descent invisible, leaving a complete and pleasant view of the flame.

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Long-lasting glass cleaning

Thanks to a special engineering construction that exploits the movement of air, the front glass remains clean for a long time, ensuring a perfect enjoyment of the beauty of the fire.

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Automatic cleaning system

The new cast iron brazier carries out cleaning cycles of the bottom in a fully automatic way and in the real moment of need.

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Optimized consumption

The NCS system allows the use of most types of pellets on the market; thanks to the automatic combustion calibration, the system guarantees the best performance in terms of consumption for each type of pellet.

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