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Thermal account incentive

The Conto Termico is an incentive for interventions related to increasing energy efficiency and the production of thermal energy from renewable sources for small installations. Thanks to this option, you can upgrade your buildings and improve their energy performance, reducing the cost of consumption and recovering the expense incurred even in a very short time.

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How to request it

This incentive can be requested by both public administrations and private companies, with the possibility of accessing total funds of 900 million euros annually.

The recent innovation of the Conto Termico provided by DM 16/02/2016 (in force since May 31, 2016) strengthens and simplifies the support mechanism already introduced by Decree 28/12/2012 (in force since 03/01/2013 so-called Conto Termico 1.0 decree) in that it provides incentives for small-scale interventions to increase energy efficiency and for the production of thermal energy from renewable sources, in a simpler way.

Now in addition to new efficiency measures, the size of installations has been revised and the direct access procedure for equipment with previously approved and certified features has been streamlined.


The maximum limit for disbursement of incentives in a single installment is €5,000 and the payment time is about two months.

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